Pasadena Community
Association Management

We offer a full service of HOA Management services. We have an extensive portfolio of Commercial, Apartments, Condos, HOA’s, in the Pasadena area. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each Association. No selling bundled “property management packages”. No paying for services you don’t want or need. Yes to great customer service 24/7/365.

Pasadena Property Management

You should consider our services if you have concerns regarding:

  • The condition of the common areas.
  • Any failure to produce an accurate budget, resulting in special assessments.
  • The quality of your association’s management – homeowner/tenant relations, state filings, tax preparation and bill payments or any failure to hold elections or to obtain reserve studies as required by law.
  • Any CC&R or Rules violations by members or tenants.
  • Any failure by a member to pay his or her assessments on time.


Finance Management


Cardinal Management Group provides a wide variety of flexible yet affordable financial services tailored to each specific Association. You can pick and choose the services your community requires and pay only for those financial services you need! Services include; Assessment Collection, Accounts Payable, Delinquent Collection Policies, Easily Understood Financial Statements and Accurate Budget Preparation.

Management and Administrative Services

Management /
Administrative Services

We offer everything from full-servicing to standalone bookkeeping services to those investors who still like the “hands on” thrill of property ownership. Other clients want to do their own bookkeeping, but hire us for their property maintenance, vacancy prep and construction upgrades.

Maintenance Services


Economy of Scale: Cardinal Management maintains relationships with licensed and bonded contractors, tradesmen, vendors and suppliers because of our high volume contracting requirements. We pass along substantial savings because no management company is more qualified to better understand your Associations’ maintenance requirements than Cardinal Management.

Areas We Serve

Trust the property management specialists.

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